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Country: Greece, Romania, Bulgaria
Title: Working together for Roma Inclusive education
Budget 50.500€
Programme Erasmus+
Duration 2016-2017
Description: The purpose of the project is to exchange experiences and good practices between the participating organisations from Greece, Romania and Bulgaria, which are active in the area of social inclusion of Roma, regarding the national developments on Roma inclusion in education. In addition to these, tools and methods which they applied or implemented and achieved positive results will be shared among participants and tested, while emphasis will be given on how these successful tools and methods were applied or implemented, what was their impact, and especially what worked and what didn’t in the given socioeconomic environment.


Country Eleven EU Member States (Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Spain and the United Kingdom)
Title LERI: Provision of services for participatory action research on local Roma integration plans
Budget 1.500.000 €
Programme/Client FRA- European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights
Duration 2013-2017
Description The overall aim of the framework contract is to help improve the FRA’s knowledge and understanding the drivers and barriers that affect the development of actions implementing national Roma Integration Strategies at the local level.The assignment will identify how such barriers can be overcome and how the drivers can be shared as good practice.The assignment, which will be implemented though a series of specific contracts or order forms, will identify and test ways to achieve meaningful stakeholder engagement in the development of local actions promoting the integration of local Roma communities, in accordance to the 10 Common Basic Principles on Roma Inclusion.The scope of the required work will include:

  • Research, data collection and analysis;
  • Stakeholder analysis, consultation, engagement and networking, including mapping of stakeholders, partnership building etc
  • Training/capacity building of local participants in data collection techniques;
  • Development of practical tools, toolkits and communication material, including factsheets and audio-visual material.
Country All EU countries
Title Program “The non-State Actors and the local Authorities in the Development”. Support in the evaluation of calls for proposals “Public opinion Awareness Actions related to questions regarding the Millennium Development Goals and support the education/awareness of all Development related issues within the EU”
Budget 265.128 €
Programme European Commission
Duration November 2011 – April 2012
Description This project aims in Providing to the European Commission the opportunity to select and co-finance the best proposals on the “Millennium Development goals” using specific selection criteria.Project’s Specific objective:

  • In order to achieve the project’s global objective, the assignment aims to support administratively and technically the concerned EU services in their technical and financial evaluation of the submitted proposals.