Country Montenegro
Title Feasibility Study for the Establishment of Centres of Excellence in Montenegro
Budget Subcontractor to HIFAB International
Programme European Commission
Duration July 2011 – November 2011
Description The specific objective of this assignment is to assess the feasibility of the establishment of Centres of Excellence in Montenegro, in the framework of the newly adopted law on scientific-research activity and the integration of Montenegro into ERA, by
  • Assessing the feasibility of a Centre of Excellence in a Western Balkans and EU context with regards to the capacity of science in Montenegro and its competitiveness in the region, taking into consideration similar activities in the Western Balkans and other countries with comparable research system (and taking into consideration the size of the country)
  • Assessing opportunities of Centres of Excellence to generate new talents in science and technology
  • Exposing areas of weakness in the current research context – including the training of young researchers – and exploring options for invigorating and improving research capacity building
  • Identify likely international partners (i.e. leading research institutes, universities or firms located in the Western Balkans or the EU) in different areas with which the research institutes in Montenegro could cooperate
  • Identifying areas of the private sector in Montenegro with the potential to partner with research institutions
  • Assessing the funding needs of such a programme