Country: Turkey
Title: Civil society facility (Sivil Düsün II)
Budget 4.969.460€
Programme EU IPA
Duration 2016-2018
Description: The overall objective of the project is to improve the environment for active citizenship and to strengthen the capacity of organized active citizens. The project is built around the following two purposes: to support civil society networking and advocacy in Turkey and to support the EUD to Turkey in raising awareness of CSOs about the EU support to Civil Society through the Civil Society Facility (Sivil Düşün II) and ensure the visibility of its different components.


Country: Turkey
Title: Technical Assistance for revitalization of history in Sanliurfa
Budget 2.360.500€
Programme EU IPA
Duration 2016-2018
Description: The purpose of this project is to improve the regional competitiveness of Sanliurfa by developing and implementing an efficient Tourism Destination Management model and an effective Governance Structure based on the public-private partnership. In addition, the project aims to assist Sanliurfa so that the Sanliurfa Urban Conservation Area and Gobeklitepe Archaeological Site are included in the main list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites.


Country Turkey
Title Technical assistance for prevention of domestic violence against women
Budget 2.900.000€
Programme EU IPA
Duration July 2013 – July 2015
Description Overall objective:
The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part of is as follows:
Ensuring the respect of human rights among citizens based on gender equality and minimizing domestic violence incidents particularly against women.Purpose:
Strengthening the capacity of the Gendarmerie in protection of human rights based on gender equality, particularly in the prevention of violence against women, and promoting reciprocal collaboration between the Gendarmerie and other national institutions for effective implementation of the law on violence against women.

  • Result 1:
    Increased administrative capacity of Gendarmerie General Command in dealing with domestic violence incidents against women;
  • Result 2:
    Improved knowledge of the Gendarmerie personnel at all levels on domestic violence issues ensuring the effective protection of human rights with a service oriented-approach, with benefits women and the public in general;
  • Result 3:
    Enhanced cooperation between the Gendarmerie General Command and relevant institutions on domestic violence prevention, reporting, and service delivery and increased awareness among Gendarmerie personnel as well as public at large on violence against women issues