Country Croatia
Title Blood establishments – assessment of laboratory equipment & assistance in supply tendering procedure (TAIB 2009 project ’’Strengthening the Institutional Capacity for Blood, Tissues and Cells’’ HR2009-03-28-11)
Budget Subcontractor to EPRD – Office for Economic Policy and Regional Development
Programme European Commission
Duration anuary 2011 – October 2011
Description The implementation of the European Union blood and tissues and cells acquis is a necessary requirement for each country applying for membership of the EU. Through the transposition of the Blood and Tissue Directives a new organizational structure has been established in Croatia. All of the legislation regarding blood, tissues and cells and assisted reproduction technology (ART) have been adopted.Global objective: The global objective is to support the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Croatia in its verification of whether the proposed investments in the field of Blood under an IPA 2009 project (HR2009-03-28-11) are (1) relevant to the needs of the beneficiaries and the population in Croatia and (2) improve compliance of the sectors with relevant EU directives.
Specific objectives:

  • To support the EU Delegation in its assessment and analysis of existing equipment at the main beneficiaries, and of their capacity to deal with present and future workload, in the light of European requirements.
  • To support the EU Delegation in its evaluation on the relevance of requests for New equipment, in the light of sector needs, existing national strategies or other ongoing reform in the sectors, European requirements, good value for money principle.
  • To assist the EU Delegation in the assessment/revision of the draft Tender Dossier and during the tender evaluation.